Sunday, February 15, 2009

Books, Delicious Books!

Prep the night before, lightweight purses, driver's license and credit card, sunglasses, keys, crates on wheels, warm clothes, charged cel phone.

Saturday - up at 5:00am, out the door with Leia at 5:45. Starbucks for mochas and scones and then on to pick up our annual used book sale friends at 6:30 sharp. In line at 7:00 for the chilly, but not horrible, one hour wait with thousands of our closest book reading friends. 7:45 take the girls to the bathroom before the doors open, it's now or never because in 15 minutes priorities set books over bladder.

And then . . . 8:00 . . . doors open and like cattle we move through the line, back, forth, closer, closer, the doors in sight, coming to the gates - and praise be to God we were the LAST four in before the gates closed behind the first wave of those who get to enter Heaven on earth.

After 2 hours and 45 minutes of collecting, here's the booty we have to show for it!

Landmark and Signature Books

Great Expectations was the only thing I was looking for specifically. Mission Accomplished!

This sweet little copy of Children of the Abbey jumped into my crate.
Seriously - I didn't put it in there and stumbled upon it at check out.
For $3.00 I couldn't pass it up. Given the lack of date I think it was published priotr to 1900.

I don't know when this was printed, but hope that one day I'm smart enough to understand it.
A girl must have aspirations!

A gentleman from church and fellow annual book sale attendee recommended this book to me last year. Unfortunately I didn’t write down the title and couldn’t get the “451” correct. He was enduring enough to set me straight this year and I was attentive enough to write it down. What a treat when a few minutes later he returned to me with a copy in hand!

I read it that afternoon - amazing. I never would have picked it up for myself, nor given it a second glance. But – it has convicted me and certainly has me thinking . . .
Thank you, Mr. K.

Leia picked these out. I know some poo-poo children's versions, but they work for us.
The girls read the children's version of something, and are then encouraged enough to tackle the full edition.

A few 'must have' hardbacks.

Roald Dahl

A Book Lover can't pass up a book of Book Loving quotes.
The Companion to Narnia was on my Amazon list. No more!

A few encouraging creativity.

A few for the boys.
(Come on, you can't pass up that FROG if you have BOYS!)

We're currently studying Egypt, so these were perfect.

A selection to add to the historical fiction section of our family library.

Published in Russia, fantastic illustrations. Couldn't pass it up.
And now we're home, price tags removed, books wiped down and shelved into our library.
My work here is done. Now all that's left to do is . . .

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  1. Bradbury's book was required reading for me in high school. As far as I can remember I really enjoyed it. Maybe I should read it again some time. Good stuff... I am glad that you enjoyed it!


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