Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Outside My Window - steely grey skies, cold looking, threatening rain (I hope it comes this afternoon!)

I Am Thinking that God sure moves in mysterious ways. Just a week ago our renters bailed and it was a grim situation. Now we are prepping for a wonderful family from church to move in!

I Am Thankful For The latest addition to our ECC family, a baby girl!

From the Kitchen NOTHING! This is the crunch week for the rental, so we will be eating up leftovers for the first day or two. After that I’m just not sure. It’s a good season for fasting, isn’t it?

I Am Studying Cumulative Cognitive Deficit.

I Am Reading books on Convergence and Bargello quilts. Delicious.

I Am Hoping to pull together some sort of holiday for my family in the midst of the work at the rental, repairs, fine tune cleaning, carpet shampooing, painting, etc. New family moves in Saturday, there just may be hope!

I am Creating as much sanity for my family as I can during this ultra busy 2 week period.

I Am Hearing children getting ready to enjoy a day a morning at the zoo and an afternoon/evening of helping at the rental.

Around the House the dogs are going to hold down the fort while we’re away.

One of My Favorite Things bed after a long hard day of productive work.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Monday: zoo and then prime/paint the front bathroom, vacuum entire house.
Tuesday: carpet shampooing, finish the front bathroom, start the trim in the center bedroom.
Wednesday: errands and lessons as usual then finish trim in center bedroom.
Thursday: help Mr. Perfect finish painting the family room. If all has moved well, prime/paint the master bathroom.
Friday: finish whatever painting needs to be done.
Saturday: help friends move, have other friends over for dinner to celebrate a birthday or two.
Sunday: church, lunch with a church family (our contractor extraordinaire and company) and a dog training session.

Here is a Picture Thought I am Sharing With You:
Ahh . . . no time to shoot - please forgive me!\

Wanna join us?

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