Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Official Hit to the Household

Well, I was hoping to avoid it, but alas, no.

We were officially hit by 'the economy'.

About 10 days ago Mr Perfect and I made a decision about a source of income that profited us $300 per month. Basically, the decision we made means that income is no longer going to come in. (I know that sounds super stupid, but trust me, it was a good decision!)

Then yesterday morning we learned that not only are there going to be no raises, bonuses, or 401k matching from Mr Perfect’s major employer next year, but salaried employees are going to receive a pay cut starting January 1st.

This evening I read an article from USA Today that discussed the forecasting of grocery prices – they are expected to climb again and stay there.

So, I started surfing for new ideas to help cut the budget. There were some nice ideas, you know, making your own coffee rather than buying foo-foo coffee drinks, taking your lunch to work, combining errands, using coupons, and the like. Then there was the whole don’t-use-credit-cards thing, complete with instructions on snowballing to pay off current balances. Oh, and don’t forget picking up a second job, and selling a car.

This is all fine and great, but Mr Perfect already takes his lunch to work, we don’t buy foo-foo coffee drinks. I do all our errands in one logistically tight sweep on Wednesdays, and we don’t eat the processed foods for which there are coupons. We don’t use credit cards the same way so many others do, and we don’t carry balances. Mr Perfect has a second job, and we sold a car. We do, however, have a home eq. loan that funded the adoption.

It’s time for some new ideas for getting debt free and staying that way!

Any ideas?

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