Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Perspective

In the last two weeks, we lost our terrorist renters, panicked at the unlikely prospect of getting new tenants in time, and dropped big bucks and bigger time to fix the house. I haven’t been able to work out because of all the schedule shifting and work required by the needs of the other house. We’ve been grabbing take-out dinner on the run for a week (yes, that was a big cha-ching you heard) because there was not enough waking time at home to prepare food to take, and the kitchen at the rental is, of course, empty. The numbers on the scale are not pretty, as painting is not quite aerobic exercise. We have been to Home Depot at least once a day (usually 2 or 3) for the last 9 days, and the stack of receipts is an inch tall. (No, I’m not exaggerating, I measured it.)

In the midst of this we were thrilled to discover a fabulous family from church who is moving in as I type. Knowing they were the ones coming in made this untimely work such a blessing. This is what life is about, working productively for a purposeful cause. OK Lord, we’re on it. No problem, and thank you for the insight.

Last night was our final round of work at the rental. While there was plenty more we could have done, there is only so much money, time, and waking hours. As I headed to bed, thankful that this phase was over, I started getting rather pouty about poor me.

Our tree isn’t decorated, although I did find the seven stockings for our family of six. (mmm . . . those reminders . . . Alexandrea would have been 15 this year . . .) Nothing has been baked and we have no lights up. No gifts are wrapped, and packages are not shipped, as the shopping isn’t even done. Thursday we learned that our medical insurance is going up, and our household income is going to take a hit of several hundred dollars per month. Oh – and after a week of contorted positions required to paint the oddest corners in reaches both extremely high and low, the arthritis in my neck is rebelling.

Merry Christmas and pass the Flexeril!

So upon waking this morning I prayed for another dose of seasonal perspective. The girls and I went to pick up our co-op order, and we made a nice breakfast. Laundry got sorted and I headed to read a few blogs before getting serious about the day.

Remember the perspective for which I prayed?

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