Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Trap Part 5

When you operate like this, however, there is still a tendency to be everywhere and do everything you are asked or are simply available or capable of doing.

Beware, it’s a trap.


You must set limits or you are going to be no different than those people whose families are spread hither and yon so they can do “kingdom work” in this ministry and that.

1. Know what you are good at, and what you aren’t good at.

I’m pretty good at sewing, and I’m not all that great at getting up and out the door early – so while you’ll find me helping with a sewing project, you won’t find me at church early prepping communion.

2. Know what you love and what you don’t.

I love small groups and I hate chaos, so I’ll be happy to chat with the elderly or new acquaintances at the luncheon, but you won’t find me in the kitchen in all that hectic disarray prepping, serving, and cleaning.

3. Know what’s good for your family, and what’s not.

During our academic break, it’s good for my family to be hospitable and helpful to someone once a week, and have her and her children over while we work on her quilting project. But it is not good for my family to have our studies interrupted while I try to run organized weekly sewing classes.

4. Know the things that only you or a small number of people can do, and the things that a myriad of other people could do.

I may be the only one at our church who has buried a child, so I am certainly going to make time to help the mother who has recently done or is preparing to do the same, but there are dozens of other people who are capable of cleaning up after a reception.

5. Know your availability.

Mary may have a well trained toddler that will play on a quilt for an hour once a week while she folds bulletins at church. Susan may have young adults that are available on Saturdays to help with the church yard. Karen has several young children that can enjoy time with dad while she helps clean after a gathering every once in a while.

There are early birds for communion, ladies who thrive on the twitter of conversation over chopping, prepping, washing and drying, and a slew of teenagers/young adults who can tear down a reception. If I get into everything, serving everywhere possible, I’m going to be one of those over scheduled ladies who ‘need’ a women’s ministry to get ‘pulled together’. And they’re just not that effective!

Do you see what I mean?

What are your gifts?

Your loves?

Your limits?

Your availability?

Think about it, pray about it, and discuss it with your husband. See what is right for you and your family that lines up to your season in life.

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