Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seasons Part 7

There are times when we are high maintenance, and times when we are no-maintenance, times to be served and times to serve, times to serve regularly and times to serve sporadically.

When you’ve just brought a newborn home from the hospital that is not the time to sign on for cleaning out the big closet in the back of the old church meeting room. When your husband is working extra hours or a second job away from home that is not the time to be away from home in the late evenings at this prayer meeting and that bible study. Those are good things, but they must be traded for something better – like you, at home, loving and available for your husband and children.

Life offers a variety of chronological stages . . .

Are you . . . an infant, a trained toddler, a child, a young adult, a young single, a newlywed, married without children, married with an infant or toddler, married with a child, married with a young adult, married with children out of the home, an older single, a grandparent, elderly . . .

And what about what life requires of you at the various stages?

Are you . . . learning to walk, learning to obey, just starting academic work, doing academic work with lots of parental help, pursuing academic work primarily on your own, getting a job, changing careers, starting a business, getting married, having children, parenting, tending to special needs children, training and teaching your children, sending sons and giving daughters in marriage, assisting your older parents, an empty nester, a grandparent, undergoing serious medical trauma, moving/relocating, adopting, planning a funeral, planning a wedding . . . so many situations!

There are times to serve and be served. There are times to serve a little and times to serve a lot. There are times to serve sporadically and times to serve regularly. There are times to serve frequently and times to serve less often.

Have you recently lost a loved one? It’s time for you to heal, not to be greeting visitors. Are there big changes (good or bad) going on in your household/life? Then that is probably NOT the time to take over managing the church kitchen. Lots of little ones at home and just starting their academic career? This is not your season for running the weddings at church. Do you have a large academic project to start? Then pass on the requests for child care. You’ll be available again soon.

Remember there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. If you feel like you are doing nothing to minister to the body, yet your relationship with God is right, your marriage is good, your children are trained, and your house is humming, then stop feeling as if you are doing nothing. You’ve simply got your priorities straight, and there will be a season soon enough in which you can further serve the body.

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