Thursday, November 20, 2008

Philosophy Part 4

My lack of formal ministry involvement has long launched from my ministry philosophy.

If we would just do what we should be doing in the first place, most ‘ministries’ would be unnecessary.

Are you a morning family who likes to be a church early? Sign your family up to prep communion. Have you miscarried and are unsure of how to get through? Find that other mother who has had a similar experience and ask for her wisdom. Do you have a family of servants who can give a day each week or bi-monthly? Go clean the church. Are you on a tight budget with a vehicle that needs some repair? Find the man with an interest in mechanics and exchange a spaghetti dinner for his family for a few hours of time under the hood with him. Can you cook? Be available for those ladies who didn’t grow up learning about that. Are you struggling with gossip? Go talk to that woman who is so beautifully discreet and ask her to teach you. Do you have children who are good yard workers? Go take care of some yard maintenance for the dad who has injured his back, or for the woman whose husband is in Iraq. Are you a man unsure of how to lead family devotions? Call up the man who has a great track record with that and ask him to lead you. Do you like children? Take the single mom’s children for a day at the park and making some Christmas gifts for their mom, freeing her up to take care of some Christmas surprises of her own.

Are you getting the picture? Did you notice that it works BOTH ways?

Here’s our ministry – We just try to do what we should be doing in the first place. We work hard to operate a biblical family, to be a generally low maintenance for our church body, yet speaking up when we have a need. We don’t need a children’s ministry because we raise (meaning train in character and education) our own children. We don’t need a woman’s ministry because if I’m struggling I’m going to find an older woman who can show me what I need to know. We don’t need a prayer ministry because we are already praying and have those to whom we make requests. We don’t need a meal ministry team because people who are available step up automatically.

Now – this is NOT to say that there is no benefit from holding organized prayer groups, bible studies and the like. (Mr Perfect is involved in a few, actually.) This is just to say that if we would do what we should be doing in the first place, like loving our husbands, keeping our homes, raising our children, and serving the body as we are able and gifted, we wouldn’t need all this other time, energy, and resource draining stuff.

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