Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot Spot #1

As a few of you know, when a lot of people are doing one thing, or endorsing something, I'm usually running the other way. Occasionally, after much heel digging, there is just no good argument, and I have to eat crow and join the crowd.

Hello, my name is Q, and I’ve been avoiding the FLYlady.

The other day I found a book called, “Body Clutter” and it sure made a lot of sense. I’m now decluttering the old bod. Last night I surfed around her website a bit. Now – while I don’t buy into everything – oh my goodness, this lady has a clue.

And thus – here I am.

So – wanna see my first Hot Spot take over? I don’t have many in my house, only 3 for 2300 square feet, which I think is pretty good. Anyway, the first one is my nightstand. By the time I’m headed to bed, I want everything I may need so I don’t have to get up again, and when I’m tired, it gets tossed there and I drift off to sleep. The morning comes and I hit the ground running . . . right past the mess I made the night before.

And boy – the thing FLY says about clutter attracting clutter? Dead On!

The desk by my side of the bed.

Hmm . . . ipod case, before bedtime supplements, love notes, cel phone, handmade cards, more than a half-dozen books, a few catalogs, baby booties, Nintendo DS, fabric swatches, an article to read, notes from books I've read, a checkbook, some cassettes (remember those?) and a few keys.
And that was just the desk! Don't forget the chair, a study book, bible, quiet time note book, Table Talk magazine, a bag with the finished parts to the sweater I'm knitting, and three purses. (Here in the desert when we're bounching between summer weather but wanting winter colors, we need a lot of purse changes!)

After about 20 minutes worth of clearing out, sorting, throwing, dusting and straightening, it's lovely again!

The books have been culled to the requirements for the moment, Always Ready (because I'm not), Femine Piety (because I'm also not), a book about seasonal detoxing, and a Puritan Paperback, not to mention my quiet time books.

Much nicer!

Look, the desk now CLOSES And there is only ONE purse loaded and ready to go!

Holly, my canine supervisor, enjoying the much improved corner.
Do you have a Hot Spot?
Whatcha gonna do about it?

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