Friday, October 6, 2006

Wife Swap - The Big 'IF'!

I've been tagged by Jessica to PRETEND you are in charge of another family for two weeks. What qualities, routines, activities that your family participates in would you want the other family to experience? (This isn't about being on tv, it's about influencing another family!)

If I were in charge of another family for two weeks . . . now there’s an interesting thought!

Qualities I would want to share:

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against such there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

Routines I would want to share:

General routines set with margin to assist in moving predictably, systematically, and productively through the day. My family follows the same routines M-F. There is an order of go, but not necessarily time slots. This allows us order, without the panic of being 5, 10, 30, minutes behind.

Meal time routines so everyone has a turn and a necessary job for getting the family fed. (Meal prep, table set, assistant, clean up, etc.)

Playing together time.

Personal down time.

Family devotion time.

Activities that I would want to share:

Personal bible study

Church (non-segregated)

Home education

Classical music (not solo – but playing in the background during play time)

Keeping the home – together

And then general things like sewing, dog training, reading, playing instruments, teaching ASL – those personal interest things that would depend on how many people of what ages, sexes, and interests were in the family.

None of the above things are really that off the wall – for me – but I wonder how much of it is just coming out of left field for John Q Public? I’d just like to demonstrate relatively quiet and simple family life, and reflect the joy and peace that comes with it. (Although - I don’t know that as a Christian I could participate in this even if I wanted to. I’ve only read that I am the help-meet to my husband, not someone else’s . . . )

All of this, of course, assumes that you are going into a family that cares what you think, and that want to see and experience what your life is like. While I’ve only seen the show once (that was enough!) I doubt this is the atmosphere that swapped wives usually walk into.

As a twist – if I were forced into participating (you know, a gun point situation or something of the sort) I’d just shift into survival mode.

Upon arrival into my new, temporary home, I’d take care of keeping the house clean, the fridge full and the family fed. I’d keep the laundry caught up and the children alive and relatively safe. I’d take care of my work, and spend the remainder of the time in the living area (if possible) trying to be a good example. Staying home, working quietly with my hands, reading, studying, and enjoying the kinds of things I wish they would enjoy. That way I wouldn’t offend anyone or set anyone off, while leaving the door open in the event that anyone was actually interested in what I was doing.

If things were really horrible, I’d take care of the work that needed to be done, but would otherwise retreat to my room.

I have not been swapped, so I’d best get back to my own husband, children, and home . . . none of which I’d trade for anything!

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  1. I couldn't swap just wouldn't work out. There's no way I'd let my family be run by someone else.

    Do tell...what culinary mystery writers do you read?


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