Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Resuscitate Us With Reformation

Throughout these experiences this summer, I’ve been chatting with several ladies. Some are at church out of obedience to their husbands, others are there out of habit, some are church shopping, some have left – looking for an alternative, and others have left not sure what to do next. The common thread, though, is the disconnect we feel between attending service and being fed, and between attending service and worshipping God. We’re a body in the pew, but that’s about it. We’re starving shells aching to be fed.

Dropping off all the children on the way to service is not building our families. Having a program thrust into our hands as we are greeted with a plastic smile by someone who really doesn’t know anything about us is not making us feel valued. Being ‘called to worship’ by the band and worship team complete with staging and light show is not preparing our hearts. Sending us off ‘praying about’ getting ‘plugged into’ ministry is not supporting our roles as keepers at home.

Churches – you are loosing your daughters, your sisters, your wives, your mothers and grandmothers. We have lost ourselves in your corporate churchianity. We are no longer daughters of the King, but pawns of your business, and it’s killing us. Your offices are run on our cheap labor and your ministries on our hours of our dedication and service. We need child rearing classes, marriage counseling and women’s bible studies because we’re so busy working at church that there’s no time for mentoring by an older woman, no time to care for and love our husbands, and no one in the pulpit has ever really taught us to dig into serious bible study.

If we needed coffee-house style gathering rooms, there would have been a Starbucks in the church of Acts. If we needed light shows and staging, it would have also had a concert venue.

Give us opportunity to prepare our hearts and get right with our Creator; lead us in worship from the soul, read to us passages from God’s inspired word, teach us something that will challenge us to think. Share communion and praise, and then send us home.

Enough of the world. That's what we're trying to avoid in the first place, remember?

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