Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Maiden Voyage

While I have an existing blog, I'm considering moving it. Thought I'd visit here for a while before deciding for sure whether or not to move into the neighborhood.

I am a wife in a continually reforming family. We strive for a biblical life and are always on guard against where the world is seeping in. We have two daughters, “Daisy” is 10, and “Rose” is 8. There are two more on the way, but I couldn’t tell you when. (We are waiting for a referral for two siblings, either brothers or sisters, whom we will adopt from Poland.)

I am a huge fan of home education, an avid reader and biblioholic. I love to quilt, teach my girls, research, read my bible, learn, watch football with my husband, and a smattering of various things. In the next two weeks or so I’ll begin to learn the Polish language, and how to make soap. That should keep me busy!

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